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Two Unrelated Things

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1) For the two people on my flist who haven't read this fic go read now.

Maelstorm Harry/Teddy NC-17. I wasn't going to rec it because it's been rec'd all over the place but I couldn't stop thinking about it so here I am recing it. I have a not so secret love for Teddy but perhaps I do have a love for Harry that isn't as well known. I don't tend to write a lot of Harry but I love him oh so much. In this fic Harry is written to absolute perfection. He was so perfect I couldn't help but fall in love with the story. Harry is in his early 40's his family life is in a bad spot and he take everyone on a family vacation to Greece. Ron and Hermione's family comes along as does Teddy. Teddy is not exactly a welcome tag along. The story clearly revolves around Harry and Teddy but none of the other characters fade away. Even Ron, who is not always my favorite, is written wonderfully. The story is an amazing read the sex is heart breaking and hot as hell all at the same time. So if you haven't read go read now, it's amazing.

2) MIL is gone *VBG*. Now back to work on my other things.
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