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Attention Writers

Attention Writers

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Below the cut is a little information in regards to a spell often used in fics and at that used incorrectly. If you would like to see it clickty click. If not, that's OK, it does sometimes spoil my enjoyment of a fic but I have read some stories where I cringe for a moment, then keep reading and enjoying.

Banishing Charm--Harry learns this charm after the first task in which he used the Summoning Charm (incantation: accio). It is the opposite of the Summoning Charm, Neville sends Flitwick flying across the room because of his bad aim. The item is NOT disappearing it is being sent away.

Vanishing Charm--This one we probably know best through it's incantation evanesco. Snape uses it to empty Harry's cauldron of it's contents, Bill uses it to make some blue prints of the Ministry disappear from the table after an Order meeting and so on. The item(s) are going somewhere else rubbish bins, other rooms, down the drain, who knows? The point is that it has disappeared.

So writers, when Harry is cleaning up his flat before Draco comes over for a seriously hot shag he would not banish his empty bottles of beer and chocolate frog wrappers he would vanish them. That is unless he just wanted all the garbage flying to one side of the room to be vanished later.

I know I'm picky, sorry.

  • Hahaha, I'm picky in exactly the same way when I read fic. I can't stand to see 'ass', even though I'm american, and it sends me up the wall when characters randomly summon their wands. Wandless magic is supposed to be really hard! Grr.

    Oh, fandom, making us all a little crazier...
    • YES!!! The wandless magic, SO INSANE!!! Snape, he can do wandless magic all over the place apparently. Yes I know he's actually a very good wizard but I mean come on. I think it's because it's used a lot in the movies :-/
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