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Big Bang is On

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I have a couple things I have been meaning to post about and am finally allowing myself to do it:

1) I was waiting till I had a good handle on my [info]bigbangblackout to do a real post and I finally do! Sirius got soundly banged and with someone I have never written him with before. It is a character I have written before though. Not saying anymore, more will be revealed in time. Are the Big Bang posts going to be anonymous or with our names on them? I suppose it's in the rules somewhere but I never read all of those, it would be so unlike me to look before I leap.

2)I have been thinking about making this a fandom journal, no RL posts at all. Just fic and other fandom related thoughts. Or maybe a RL filter, thoughts?

3) Speaking of change I want to change my layout. Something darker in color and maybe retiring my Sirius picture and going with something else. I have that picture in mind but I will have to talk to the artist and get someone to make me a layout because I suck at that sort of thing.

4) The R/S Love Post has filled me with squee and distraction and delight. I came to the books fairly early (Pre-GOF) but came to fandom late in the game (Post HBP), so I missed so much R/S it makes me hate all you talented people and the things I am finding you have written and I didn't know about!!! Also makes me wish I had an internet addiction earlier and wasn't off doing what ever it was I was doing.

5) Hi [info]trubbleclef ILU.

6) Two memes I [info]red_squared did and also done by [info]blackwayfarers.

Pick a fandom of the ones listed below, and I'll tell you

A character(s) I like:
A character(s) I dislike:
Character I love that other people don't:
Character everyone else loves that I don't:
Character with the best hair:
Character with the best eyes:
Character with the best smile:
Character I'd kiss:
A pairing(s) I like:


Name a fandom, and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.

I only have one, Harry Potter, and so

A character(s) I like: Draco (Obviously I like Sirius and Remus and Ect. but I figured not everyone knew I liked Draco)
A character(s) I dislike: Tonks, that has nothing to do with HBP, I thought she was so completely pathetic and stupid in HBP it made me dislike her.
Character I love that other people don't: James (Though I know a lot of people like him.)
Character everyone else loves that I don't: Answer that one later
Character with the best hair: Sirius (not in POA though)
Character with the best eyes: Sirius
Character with the best smile: Sirius He's so pretty I have to pick him
Character I'd kiss: Charlie, I bet a kiss from him is orgasm worthy.
A canon pairing(s) I like: I changed this one slightly because the list got too long. Bill/Fleur, I like her and I like him and like their love.

Unpopular opinions:

1) Neville don't like him, don't ship him, find him pretty damn uninteresting. When I reread the books and Draco makes fun of Neville, I laugh with Draco every time. Truly I have a mean streak a mile wide.

2) I liked the Epilogue. I am more than happy to ignore it though.

3) I think James and Sirius were much more clever than Snape in pretty much every way. I think they were so effortlessly good at everything it pissed Snape off to no end that as hard as he worked they were still the best. I know it pisses me off when people are like that.

Bonus) I don't like AS/S. In general I find it a pathetic excuse to rebirth the Drarry ship which I still find wonderful on it's own. I hate when people call Harry's youngest son Albus Severus the whole fic. That's not what he was called, his father called him that when he wanted him to listen. I do, however, like when they are friends in a fic.

I just realized I could make a list of like ten things. /stopping now

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