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CA Fandom Anyone?

CA Fandom Anyone?

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On Monday I am leaving for my sister's house in California. I will be there when HBP opens in theaters. Inevitably the movie will be horrible and make me cry out of anger but I was wondering if perhaps there is anyone out there who lives in the San Jose area who wants to go see the movie with me? I could go with my sister but she hasn't read the books and won't get it when I squee when Snape touches Draco, or giggle when Harry stalks Draco, or curse and flip off the screen when Lupin touches Tonks. I would LOVE to go with another fandomer or even a group. If you are afraid I am some psycho I have other people from fandom who have met me and know me and will sign a statement that I'm fairly normal. Anyone? *looks hopeful*
  • Wrong coast, love. :(
    • Really? You don't live by my sister? I was unaware of that.

      You know I would prefer to see it with you more than anyone else.
      • Sister mother whatever. I live near one of them. ;)

        Me too. *hugs*
        • I WANT THAT DRACO ICON!!!!!!!!

          We could always go together in August. My parents were talking about moving to be closer to more family and while I would want to see my parents more inside I was screaming "NOOOOOOOOOO!" I would come see you anyway though.
          • Hmm. Obviously your mom should do what she wants but I like her just where she is. *nods*
  • I'm fairly normal.

    Bragging? *snickers*

    Can't help you.... unless you are coming to the Sunshine State.
    • LOL By fairly normal I meant I wasn't a serial killer or think that the moon landing was faked or anything like that.

      Hmmmmm the Sunshine State I read an article about invasive species in FL in the New Yorker and frankly I'm scared shitless of the giant lizards, but for you I would brave them.
      • I have no giant lizards at my house. You kidding me? I'd have been screaming about that long before you found it in New Yorker. *shakes head* No way in hell.
  • I have other people from fandom who have met me and know me and will sign a statement that I'm fairly normal.

    Hahahaha! You think I'd believe a statement like this from someone in fandom? 'Cause, you know, 'normal' to someone in fandom is a whole 'nother kettle o' fish to normal normal. ;D Hee!

    Actually, I don't know if you know her, but she's a Harry/Draco fan and mother of two boys. [info]rickey_a mentioned she was in the San Jose area and looking for fandom people to see the movie with in case you're interested. *shrugs*
    • LOL too true! I can act normal in public. Is that better?

      I have seen her name I think she is friends with someone I am friends with and been to her house so she can testify about me being "ok". I will PM her. THANKS!
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