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Anyone else going to watch the Tour de France? Yes, Lance Armstrong, is back this year. His new Nike ad for the TDF started running a few days ago, when I saw it I may have gotten teary Nike ad. Made me think of my mom, who wears her livestrong band every day, and then I thought of [info]florida_minxie. Like him or not you have to love what he fights for.

I don't think Lance is back to win it all, I think he will pull of a stage win or two but he will work mostly for Alberto Contador. I told my husband as early as last summer that Contador would win this years Tour, especially since his team wasn't invited in 2008. My husband predicted Levi Leipheimer, but he's WRONG WRONG WRONG and he now knows Contador, and his sexy eyes, are were it's at ever since Leipheimer performed meh at the Giro d'Italia. If you aren't up on cycling and have read this far into my ramblings I should point out all three cyclists I have listed so far are all on the same team, which is a huge deal to have three strong riders.

Mostly I am looking forward to watching Mark Cavendish win a lot of stages. He kicks ass and he's a cocksure Brit, what's not to love? I also hope he hands that coke head's (Tom Boonen) ass to him. Oh and I am also looking forward to a big group of men in spandex all sweaty as they ride in a big group together *g*

Also Happy Fourth of July! Anyone have some Founding Father's slash I can read?
  • I usually enjoy watching, especially when we are in Italy and it's on all day. ;) But maybe it's an unpopular opinion but I really dislike comebacks. Man, go out in style and then just don't look back. I mean these NFL players and coaches just look so BAD I think when they retire then get itchy and come back for a year or two. They are almost never as good as they once were and if you had another year in you why did you quit? I understand he's doing it for more compassionate reasons perhaps but I don't know. I know, I've very judgmental.

    *sorry, my only French icon*
    • We watch on Versus with Phil and Paul and their sexy British accents commenting. I dislike comebacks too. Like Michael Jordan playing for the Washington Wizards or Bret Farve going to all those lame teams. I think Armstrong is the greatest General Classification rider ever and nothing else needs to be proven. But I get he is WAY passionate about his work on fighting cancer and I really support that. Normally he doesn't give a lot of outside interviews before big races or do anything extra but since his come back when he has down time from racing he visits cancer clinics, patients, doctors and other foundations. When he was in Italy for the Giro every day he was meeting with someone new. He also isn't making any money coming back, he's giving it all to his foundation. So a very noble purpose to come back. But usually I am with you.
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