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My fests summed up.

1) My [info]bigbangblackout fic is tidied up and getting ready for a final polish.

2) I have received my [info]radish_love assignment and I am so EXCITED!! I have an idea and a plot and characters and lines all floating around in my head and ready to be put down "on paper". Hopefully by doing that I can figure out how the fic will end.

3) Discussed with [info]torino10154 our upcoming team effort.

4) [info]hp_yule_balls just announced sign ups for September first. Yule_balls is an exchange fest with an adult rating required. I wrote for it last year and am so excited to sign up again! I have no idea what I'm going to ask for. *ponders* This fest kicks ass and I've been waiting all year to write for it again.

5) I desperately want to sign up for [info]hp_unfaithful's All (Re)Mixed Up Challenge and didn't think I could till about five minutes ago. I thought I only had one story featuring infidelity and it's LOOOOONG and I didn't want to burden anyone with it. But after some thought I actually have at least three. I don't know if I will have the time to dedicate to a remix. There is a fic someone offered up for remix that I have read and enjoyed and I know exactly how I would remix it but I'm not sure still. (Note: To sign up for the fest you don't actually have to have fics with infidelity but you have to offer up ones you are willing to be spun that way)

6) Is there anything else I am signed up for?

7) A non-fic related note I heard a new children's song today about family and the video showed a bunch of different families dancing around, including two men and their children. It made my heart so happy in the same way Bert and Ernie are pre-pre-slash.

8) And one last thing. I have totally forgotten I owe [info]midnitemarauder a prize for her performance in the canon quiz. Any suggestions at a prize I should send her? I was thinking rum.
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