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A Really Great Guy

A Really Great Guy

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I am sure most of you know by now that Senator Edward Kennedy, better known as Teddy, died last night. For some reason this has made very teary this morning.

My dad has worked for the US Senate for almost seven years. My dad meets and interacts with Senators on a daily basis so he knows them all and they all know him. (My dad is in his heart a conservative guy, though in the past two presidential elections his vote did not go that way, I know that's how he will always be.) During the last election I asked my dad from his interactions with them who he liked better Clinton, Obama or McCain. Long story short they were all about the same to him. But then unsolicited he started telling me how Senator Kennedy was such nice guy. Always personable, always remembers your name, always eager to talk to you and not ignore some "lowly staffer" like a lot of people do.

I am sure if you read the news about Senator Kennedy's passing you will read stories about his politics and quotes from people about how wonderful he was. That is the standard when ever a public figure passes away and if your like me you're often left wondering if people just say those things because the person is dead now. However, I have no doubts when reading quotes about Senator Kennedy this morning. When I called my dad he hadn't heard the news yet because he is traveling on business. I told him Senator Kennedy had passed away and my dad was silent for a moment then expressed how that made him sad and added "He was a really great guy."

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Note: For those of you who have HBO there was a documentary called "Teddy: In his own words" on in rotation last month. I was lucky enough to catch it a few times while traveling. I am sure since his passing they will show it in heavy rotation again. Be sure to try and catch it if you can, I thought it was wonderful.

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