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Big Bang, Castiel and a Meme

Big Bang, Castiel and a Meme

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I want to remind the ol' flist that [info]bigbangblackout has plenty of good fics to be read. I noticed the comments dropped off a little bit so I am giving you all a little nudge. I have a lovely AU on my plate to enjoy later today. There are plenty of different styles of fics and pairings that you are sure to find one you will like.

SPN oh how I love you SPN! The Dean/Castiel scene was so wonderfully slashy. I wonder SPN folks if you can answer a question for me. I know that Wincest was the main ship and I know Dean/Castiel has some major steam behind it, does it piss people off, the whole Dean/Castiel thing? Because if I had a ship and then some character came in and took half the ship away I would be fucking PISSED.

And now a meme I took from [info]snegurochka_lee.

10. I don't think you know how desperately I miss you. I'm only on the first one and I'm already choking up about this damn meme that's how much I miss you!

9. I wish there was some magical way to make you better and then you don't have to leave. I know you aren't gone gone and we ship very different things but I still desperately wish things will get better and you can come back. Bet you didn't know I enjoyed your snark so much.

8. I made myself a rule that I don't read your fics when I am writing. The way weave heart, humor and sometimes some angst into your stories makes me ache with desire to be so accomplished. It's one of those things where I see perfection and I don't want to write anymore because no one could do it better than you did.

7. The thirteen-year-old boy inside of me loves the thirteen-year-old boy inside of you. Ewwwww did I just ship us in a really creepy and disturbed sort of way!?!? Sorry about that. Let me restate. My immature sophomoric sense of humor loves your immature sophomoric sense of humor. you'realsoincrediblytalented

6. Your cleverness never fails to get me. I feel like I am stumbling to keep up with you when we are commenting back and forth.

5. Biggest heart in fandom, yup that's you.

4. Why don't you write more? I know you know who I am talking to here because you know me so well and this is the umpteenth time I have said this to you. Please write more.

3. I want to come over to your house and give you a hug then drag you out for several drinks and get blissfully drunk together. Then give you more hugs. I think we would have an amazingly good time.

2. Did you know that every time I make a post with a list I think of you? I know other people do it too but I nicked that idea from you. I also think of you 500 other times a day and curse life for getting in the way and not letting us talk more. You're also smart as hell and funny and so many other things I love.

1. Do you think I put you on the list because I know you might have had an internal crisis if I hadn't? So you know that's not why I did it. I put you on the list because I couldn't imagine anyone else as number one.

  • LMAO! Aw, you know me well. *hugs*

    I was very slowly reading from the top trying to guess either whether it was me or who it was you were referring to. I have guesses for several but unfortunately I think I don't know a lot of your LJ flist well enough to be sure.
    • *hugs back*

      You can tell me off ij who you think is who and I will let you know. I think you know 10 and 9 fairly easily.
  • Psst

    Psst - [info]torino10154 asked for a gift ficlet for you! It's here: One Thing Leads to Another
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