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Let the Evil Commence

Let the Evil Commence

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Our f-lists only match up a little bit so sorry if I over explain for some of you. My best-friend and other other half, [info]torino10154 is leaving tomorrow for a month in Italy. Before you go hating her too much this more of a visiting family forced travel thing so aside from the gelato it's kind of crappy.

Just now she sent me an email with all her user names and passwords incase something happens to her I can protect her pr0n. I say we take her LJ/iJ for a little test drive while she's away and maybe throw in some facebook fuckery for flavor.

I think the first step will be changing anything that says Snarry to Drarry. After that maybe some love post about Draco. But I'm open to ideas.
  • Bwahahahaha!
    What a fabulous and evil idea! I knew I liked you for some reason. *g*

    Okay so, off the top of my head I say we relabel it all as HET. Maybe a love post about how marvelous it is that Harry/Ginny is canon.
    Then maybe something about canon het pairings in general.

    Will be back with more soon. It looks like I'll plenty of time on my hands since I'm on jury duty this week. ;)
    • I can see this post you know. *raises eyebrow*
      • Post? What post?
        *looks innocent*

    • YES! This is why I posted! I knew others would have wonderful ideas as well.

      I didn't even think of Harry/Ginny! YOU ARE BRILLIANT! I am thinking a new banner perhaps. I can snag one from reallycorking with some lovely Harry/Ginny art.

      She's gone a month so we'll have plenty of time to blow our wad(s) while she is away.
      • Ooh, and how does she feel about Ron? I'm sure some nice Ron-centric icons would be a great way to welcome her back. *wg*
        • She is indifferent to him. Can like him if done properly but mostly meh. I am sure she would appreciate the icons though!

          How bout a Ginny-centric fest? Or Dumbledore-centric but Dumbledore has to be a nice guy in all of them.
          • Maybe a shrine dedicated to the TWOO WUFF that is Dumbledore/Grindelwald? Heh.

            A Ginny fest may be even too cruel for me, although I could be talked into a HARRY/Ginny fest. ;)
  • Didn't you want me to bring you back some Gianduja? I think you might want to tread carefully.
    • Pffft. I can buy that on amazon. You need to think of a better reason for me to "tread carefully".
  • u r so ebil!
  • *is very, very amused by the plotting* I'll be the one sitting on the sidelines, laughing madly at the chaos. :D

    • I will take that as a tacit version of support. THANK YOU!
      • No problem - it is, after all, yet another way to procrastinate the things I'm supposed to be working on for the Back to Hogwarts fest. Maybe if I very strictly tell myself I need to work on either drawing or writing for a while each day before I settle in for more Bleach-watching...? xDD

  • *Sits down next to inoru_no_hoshi*
    We'll just stay over here and watch the horrors you come up with, kay?^^ (Although I might be able to contribute at least a Harry/Ginny drabble or drawble, if something like that will be allowed in that fest... I mean, it's for torino, I'd do a lot for her. ;P)
    • Harry/Ginny is of course allowed in the fest, especially if it's for torino!
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