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Dear LJ

Dear LJ

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My kids are gone tomorrow for four hours. Four lovely, quiet, peaceful hours. Please work at that time. I would appreciate it. Really appreciate it.

  • You know the cosmos generally doesn't tend to work that way. Although, as it's already been 2 days, you'd think they'd get it fixed.
    • Yeah I know. Those cosmos like to fuck me in the ass and not in the way I find acceptable. I suppose I could get money making work done tomorrow, maybe some fic writing. IDK, I know there is a ton of shit for me to do.
  • Seriously! I've had vacation time all this week to do nothing but fuck around on LJ, and I haven't been able to load it all since SUNDAY. :(((((
    • I was out of town and LJ-less for the past two weeks and got back Sunday, just in time for LJ to die on me. Damn fucking LJ *kicks*. And this morning it's still not working! GAH! Did you find things to read or do you need some non-LJ links?
      • Oh, that sucks! So you can't even catch up from vacation-land? :( Booo.

        Ooh, sure, I'll take non-LJ links, if you've read good stuff lately! I sort of poked around on AO3, but then got distracted by RL errands -- what a tragic waste of time, though. Fic fix is needed. :)

        ... belated thought: I guess I could do some writing? LOL. I hadn't actually thought of that, since I don't have pressing deadlines for once. I'm all about reading and just chatting with people, apparently. I should just open a Word doc and see what happens. Hm. Novel idea... :/
        • It's OK, really. I love any excuse not to get something done ;)

          Writing, yes writing! You should write something, that's always a brilliant idea *nods*. Next gen anything is a good idea *double nod*. H/D also acceptable.

          [info]hp_wankfest most of those fics are short porny reads. Masterlist here. A couple of my favorites:
          Scent of a Woman. This is Ron fic and I think it was readers' choice award. I really liked it.

          His Own Worst Enemy Draco wanking to Harry.

          Mind of Sight Darkish Grindewald, I liked it.

          I generally don't read WIPs unless they are complete but Saras_girl has a history of completing WIPs so I'm trusting her. I mainlined this WIP in less than a week and am anxious anxious for the next chapter.
          H/D epilogue compliant and AU! SOOOOO GOOD.
          If you don't want dive into a WIP she does have other completed fics but I haven't read those yet.

          I was clicking around AO3 looking for fics and I noticed a lot of LJ peeps use their same names there so if you have bookmarks from LJ you might be able to find them by author on AO3.

          Helpful, I hope.

  • I know you don't regularly post on IJ but I need some of my lj friends here, so I'm adding you. :)

    I've been able to read my LJ flist, but not comment nor post. Right now it seems to be completely down once again!!!

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