Paint It, Black

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Title: Oh What Fun It Is to Ride
Fandom:Harry Potter
Characters: James/Sirius
Rating:R maybe
Word Count:262
Disclaimer:The characters in this story are owned by JK Rowling, I merely play with them I do not own them or anything.
Warning: Bondage for sure, dress-up? a bit of dub-con perhaps
A/N: For [info]adventdrabbles Dec08, Dec10, Dec12 Reindeer, silver & bells. My friend once told me Sirius/James was more canon than Sirius/Remus so this is for him and I still disagree.

The burgundy leather felt smooth across his bare hips tracing up his back. “Remind me again why I’m doing this,” James said as Sirius began to slip the harness over his messy hair.

“All reindeer wear harnesses at Christmas,” Sirius grinned slipping the bit into James’s mouth.

“I’m not a reindeer! I’m a stag!” James yelled spitting the bit out in protest.

“I know but at this time of year you are my reindeer driving my sleigh.”

“Who said you get to be Santa Claus?”

“You’re an awfully pushy bottom Prongs,” Sirius cooed, “and forgetful; you let me pick your outfit.”

“A harness is not an outfit! AND I NEVER AGREED TO SILVER BELLS ON IT!” James yelled and the bells jingled with a happy sound that contrasted his angry tone.

“A Christmas reindeer harness needs bells,” Sirius said with an evil grin, putting the bit back into James’s mouth, then tightening the reins so that James could no longer protest verbally. But he grunted and muttered something indistinctly as Sirius lightly whipped the reins on his bare flesh.

“What was that?” Sirius said stooping next to James so they were face to face.

“I said, ‘Careful, they make harnesses for dogs as well!’” James annunciated past the silver bit.

“I know. I get to wear mine next,” Sirius said with an eager grin that James returned. “Now quiet down and let me ride you like a good boy.”
  • let me ride you
    That's a nice mental image my dear. This is too funny. Write the sequel when James walks the dog, k?

    Does this not a picture to go with it? If I could draw, darling . . .
    • Oh god if I could draw I would totally draw this. Sirius with that big grin on his face, James grudgingly complying. In the back round a wardrobe with a leash and dog collar hanging up.

      Ok I will write a sequel using the other prompts I didn't use where James walks his dog LMAO.
  • Hahaha! Love it--let me ride you like a good boy--too funny. That was a riot!
    • I am glad you found it so ammusing. I was cracking my self up with the visual of it all. Sirius being too tickled by the whole thing.
  • Oh. My. *fans self*

    I love Sirius/James, and see it so rarely. Very hilarious Sirius voice. James jingling happily while he's angry made me giggle.
    • Thanks! James and Sirius is considered a "rare pair" but lord I think they are a hot pair. I am glad you giggled!
  • Oh my! All the bantering was a nice prelude to the hotness. :)
    • In my own little fangirl mind James and Sirus fight like two biddies. But only in private and it's a good build up to sex. Glad you liked it.
  • Guuuuh! So.Very.Yummy!
  • Very nice! Just don't leave the silver bells around for Remus to step on in the middle of the night!
    • James and Sirius are very careful and sure to clean up after themselves. *snerk* I know whatever. They try to hide it but they all know.
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