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June 21st, 2010

Let the Evil Commence

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Our f-lists only match up a little bit so sorry if I over explain for some of you. My best-friend and other other half, [info]torino10154 is leaving tomorrow for a month in Italy. Before you go hating her too much this more of a visiting family forced travel thing so aside from the gelato it's kind of crappy.

Just now she sent me an email with all her user names and passwords incase something happens to her I can protect her pr0n. I say we take her LJ/iJ for a little test drive while she's away and maybe throw in some facebook fuckery for flavor.

I think the first step will be changing anything that says Snarry to Drarry. After that maybe some love post about Draco. But I'm open to ideas.

March 27th, 2008


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My dearest [info]torino10154,
Amore mio!Do you know what today is? Ok it is actually tomorrow, March 29, but because we "work" on the weekends I have to do this today. It is exactly one year since you came and rescued me. I will never forget, the ear infection, long ass delayed flight, me reversing your numbers in my cell phone, the train at rush hour and then there you were. On your white horse rescuing and whisking me away! Yes all right your Volvo isn't exactly a white horse but it is lovely, and C was rather nice to me. Sniv just glared but he talked to me eventually. You took me home you fed me lovely lasagna which we must have still been "courting" then because the next time I was at your house I got no such fan fare *wink*. You also gave me some Baily's in my coffee. Oh yes and there was gelato, yum! You and your wonderfullness were like a drug to me, I had it once and the next time I had to come back and stay three times as long! And I am still trying to figure out a way to get there soon.

I'll stop being an idiot and tell you I can't believe it has only been a year. Not a year since we have known one another but a year since we met face to face. You are so much a part of my life and world, so ingrained into my every day that I could not imagine it has only been a year. Very sadly symbiotic.

I know it's been a shitty two weeks for you and I hope it will get better soon. Perhaps by mid-April you will be back to "normal".


Your sentimental Gryffindor
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